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LED lighting

LED or Light Emitting Diode can offer up to 85% energy savings and can last many times longer than conventional light sources (an average of 35,000 hours) They cut down on energy costs and maintenance costs as well as helping reduce CO2 emissions. LEDs unlike several low energy lamps currently available they have no warm up time, are instant light at full intensity and have numerous light rendering elements and colours. LEDs don’t use harmful substances such as mercury in their construction. The nature of LED construction means that they make a very compact light source compared to traditional lighting and can be highly durable.

LEDs can be used for all applications provided they are installed correctly. The lack of UV means that LEDs are ideal for lighting artifacts and heat sensitive displays in museum or retail applications as they will not degrade or fade the materials. LEDs produce very little forward heat making them a popular choice for areas where animals or children may come into contact with them.

LED comes in a wide verity of retrofit lamps, domestic fittings and commercial & industrial units. There are numerous retrofit lamps currently available for a quick and simple lamp swap situation. A 35wt GU10 halogen lamp can be directly replaced for a 4wt LED with no reduction in light output but a high reduction in running costs. Other lamps including the Philips 11wt Master LED require specific fittings but offer a superior light output and come in a range of recessed downlighters.

LED for the commercial and industrial situation is vast. Flat panel units directly replacing the conventional fluorescent lay in fitting commonly seen in most offices, shops, schools, colleges, receptions and much more. LED Commercial recessed downlighters also used in similar applications and can be retro fitted in a number of circumstances. Industrial applications include Hi bay and Low bay units, commonly used in factory and warehouse situations. Their low temperature factors also work well in hostile environments such as unheated units, barns, workshops and walk in freezers.

Externally LED offers a range of fittings specifically designed for long life and durability. Floodlights, path lights, drive lights, wall lights and sign lighting can all be catered for in LED. Running sufficient external lighting can be costly and expensive to maintain, LED offers an alternative to this. With the exceptional life expectancy of each unit the time and money required in lamp or control gear replacement is vastly reduced.

Our services include full lighting designs supported by one of our leading suppliers utilising the latest products available. Designs are worked into the client’s budget and at a realistic return period. In some commercial applications and for small to medium private enterprises the cost of replacing lamps and light fittings could even be fully covered in an interest free Carbon Trust loan with the payments off the loan coming from the saved energy bill and not out of capital costs. Further information on these Carbon Trust Loans can be found on our dedicated page.

If there’s a light needed there’s a LED to suite.